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Eco Friendly cleaning

My cousin posted a photo earlier this week, a picture of an eco friendly Swiffer sweeper cover her mom had made for her .

It’s washable, reusable and, when it comes to the end of its usability, it can be composted because it’s made of 100% cotton.

Not only is it more effective than the regular pads, it can also be used wet or dry and, according to my cousin is wonderful for washing bathroom walls.

With the praises sung, I had to make one of my own.

A hand crocheted Swiffer pad in blue, green and white 100% cotton yarn. It is leaning against a 1940s era upholstered rocking chair.
A hand crocheted Swiffer pad made of 100% cotton. Reusable, washable and compostable when used up.

4 responses to “Eco Friendly cleaning”

  1. We use the pet Swiffer pads but like everything else they’ve went up so high on pricing. We found regular pads & bought them but they suck if you have pets. I’m looking at reusable pads now as well, I need something to catch the cat fur.. we vacuum & Swiffer & sweep. It’s never ending! 😂

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    1. If you crochet, look on YouTube. There are lots of patterns for the pad.

      I used a 5mm (H) hook and cast on sixty (60) stitches leave a long tail for sewing the sides
      Row 1: sc
      Row 2: dc
      Repeat rows one and two until it’s tall enough
      Fold an even amount over both ends and stitch closed (I used a blanket stitch)

      It only took about an hour.

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      1. It’s all Chinese to me.. 😉 I sew.. haha! I was looking at fluffy reusable ones on Amazon.. I may give them a go.


      2. Honestly, if you have any crocheting friends get make you one or two. In the long run, cheaper and better for our planet.

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