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…And Here We Go…

I haven’t posted in a while, because, well…,life got in the way…The condo got “staged” and a new session/semester, started at work, with yet more courses I’ve never taught before.

The good news is that the condo was sold in 5 days. The deal closed in 10 days and I’m over the moon. The sort of downside is that the condo closes on March 17th, so not a lot of time to get everything done, but it will get done.

One of the reasons I’m not bothered with the short closing is the fact, as I mentioned above, I’m yet again being given courses to teach that I’ve never taught before so I’m having to write still more new curriculum. I’ve been tired of writing new courses and scrambling to both write & deliver for so long now, and this latest development has just put me over the top so I’m bailing.

I’ve also just booked a 26′ U-Haul truck and my downstairs neighbour has offered to drive it to Yarmouth for me (he’s taking his dog as his co-pilot). Talk about nice neighbours; it’s either that or he really wants me gone.😂🤣

My dad has offered to help with truck loading so that will be a big help because I’ve got two storage units to load as well as the few things I’m taking from the house. Fortunately, all the appliances are staying here and I’m not taking the bedroom furniture/mattress and I have no couch either, so that will free up a lot of space in the truck.

I think my dad will drive with me in the SUV, which means I’ll be driving because I think the vehicle has too many computerized features for him to be comfortable with and, I really don’t like being in the car with him when he’s driving.

I’m planning on taking three days to get to Yarmouth with one night in Levis, QC, and a second night in St. John, NB. Then it’s the Fundy Ferry and an hour from Digby to Yarmouth.

I’m thinking about renting out the basement to supplement my retirement income and hopefully I’ll have a tenant by the time I get to Yarmouth. Fingers crossed on that venture.

Hopefully all this means that I’ll have more time to write about my journey to the east.

Talk soon.


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