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My condo is now almost completely staged, ready for potential purchasers to tour, and I LOATHE it! This IS NOT a space I am comfortable in. It is devoid of my/any personality. It has all the visual flavour of an arrowroot biscuit. Were it any more bland, it would be the spatial equivalent of a digestive biscuit.

It is now a virtually empty space. I find it cold and impersonal, which I suppose is the look the real estate agent is going for.

I am a voracious reader. I know this because I packed about 50 cubic feet of boxes full of books and the fact that I had books (when the space was still truly mine) in every room. Now there are about 6 books in total throughout the 1,250 sq.ft. space, almost all with grey/beige covers. I’m in tears. It makes feel so empty, as though all my friends have deserted me.

I have collected over that last couple of decades, antique lithographic prints (predominately by an English Artist named William Hogarth) they’re all in storage now, replaced by abstract pieces that have no life and, at least to me, any visual interest. I mean the stager was able to rotate one of the pieces 90° to better fill a space. How can it be art if you can hang it any which way? Trust me, if you hung one of the Hogarth or architectural prints sideways, you notice it.

I’ve also collected fibre art; some I’ve hand stitched, others I’ve thrifted. They also came down and disappeared into boxes and headed into storage.

Oh, and the colourful, cheery antique quilts I’ve sourced, poof, gone too and replaced with a white duvet.

I’d say I was living in a model home, but model homes have more personality and warmth.

I know this is only temporary, but right now I LOATHE my space. I can only hope, that in spite of the slowing of the real estate market in Ontario, I can sell quickly, so I can get some personality back into my living space, because right now, I don’t belong here.

The wall of my living room with a small bookshelf which has a top shelf filled with fake plants, a photo. The bottom shelf has my moose bookends with three slim volumes between them.
A depersonalized living space
It’s so White 😂

3 responses to “Staged”

  1. It’ll be worth it in the end if it fetches you a higher selling price!! 🤞🏻 Loved the arrowroot biscuit analogy… 😂 That’s what I’m trying to get away from in my house, less minimalist, more warmth. 😅 It’s an ongoing process..

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    1. Thanks for reminding me that this isn’t forever. I’m all about colour, texture and eclecticism. I feel as though I’m living in a monochromatic world right now and it hurts my eyes and heart.

      Great decorating is about bringing in one piece at a time. A piece that you both love and will fit with what you already have. Keep up doing your place with love and care.

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      1. It’s just a “season” as they say, before you know it you’ll be in your new home & making it YOU!! ❤️


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