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A very special delivery.

Before Christmas, I ordered a book from Kenney’s Bookshop and Art Gallery in Galway, Ireland, “Jane Austen Embroidery” written by Jennie Bachelor and Alison Larkin. I’d pretty much forgotten about it. packing up the condo and getting it ready to go on the market pushed this purchase out of my head.

Much to my surprise, the packet was in a mailbox this evening. Once I got home and had a minute to unwrap the packaging, there it was, a beautiful, gem of a book. I can hardly wait to dip into its contents this weekend.

An image of the front cover of the book "Jane Austen Embroidery".  In addition to the title and the author's names the cover is decorated with a wonderful twisting Vine which is decorated with various leaves and flowers in blues reds greens and yellows
The front cover of Jane Austen Embroidery.

One response to “A very special delivery.”

  1. Ooohhh!! I hope you’ll share your work with us! I’ll have to see if my library has this!


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