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The Second load of packing and Donating

Thank goodness for my helper who has been an absolute treasure in helping me pack up (heck she’s really doing most of it, who am I kidding?) my condo here in Ontario! I’d been utterly lost without her!


5 responses to “The Second load of packing and Donating”

  1. Looks like awesome progress to me!! I don’t miss that timeline.. lol! Last December/January we were living amongst piles and piles of boxes.. ugh. When is your move date again? You must be getting excited! Will you be driving here or flying?


    1. The condo goes for sale on February 1st. My move date is July 1st. I’ll be driving. I still haven’t found a moving company to move my stuff. An option I’m thinking about is to rent a U-Haul and have my dad drive my car while I pilot the truck 🚛.

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      1. There are quite a few to choose from, some better than others. Definitely call around & get quotes if you go that route!


      2. Jan if you are looking for a driver for your uhaul let me know. You can also rent a car dolly to tow your car behind.


      3. Andrew, that’s an amazing offer!


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