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Doing it different

In the kitchen, facing south, there are two pantries. The right side one has had its moulding and door removed and enlarged to accommodate a 24 inch fridge.
The newly opened fridge pantry.

In the kitchen of the Yarmouth NS house there are/were two full length pantries. One of the fabulous guys working on the house suggested taking out one of them and sliding the fridge into the opening. This slight of hand will gain 14 inches of floor space. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it will make a difference. There will be electric service installed inside the opening and the existing door moulding (currently having a rest in the living room. See the right side of the photo.) will be reinstalled to keep the design consistent, although, given the width of the opening has been increased, there might need to be two medallions installed to visually join the vertical mouldings with the horizontal one. I’m thinking one way to go would be to use two small highly decorative tiles to bridge the spaces.

One thing I’m noticing is the hideous door knob on the remaining pantry. I’ll have to get down there to see if it can be rehabilitated, or, think about what I want to do to replace it. I’d definitely going with a universal design (e.g., mobility friendly) model.

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  1. Pantries are such a blessing! We do not have one, so we bought a couple of free standing “pantries” from Wayfair years back and they’ve been awesome! They’re tucked into our mudroom beside the kitchen, so still very convenient!

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