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2023 Planning

Somehow it seems fitting, that on the first day of 2023, I am starting my personal journey to Yarmouth, NS. There’s still so much to do here in Ontario. I am still fighting the urge to procrastinate packing.

My condo is going to go on the market next month (February) and I’m still working on getting my nonfiction books into boxes to go into storage so that my condo can be staged to look as bland and impersonal as is physically possible.

Another thing I have to do is remove all of my degrees, that I had framed, from the walls so that no one is intimidated by the fact that I am educated. How sad is that?

Of course instead of being upstairs in my loft, I am sitting here on the couch, phone in hand, dictating my first blog post of the new year.


One response to “2023 Planning”

  1. We just moved from Ontario to NS (Cape Breton Island) last November! It’s been an adventure to be sure but we’re so happy here! Good luck with selling your condo!!


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